How To Make Fake Money

How To Make Fake Money.making counterfeit money is wrong and banned all over the country.But many irresponsible people have made counterfeit money and circulated it.Finally, many are harmed by the circulation of counterfeit money,including the people and the state

how to make counterfeit money

A security investigator working in Peru explained to the Associated Press the counterfeit moneymaking process that made Peru a fake number one dollar producer.

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To generate counterfeit money, counterfeiters use rack software like Corel Draw or Microsoft Office to design dollar bills. Using a process called photolithography and etching of metal plates, the bill is offset by bond paper.

The sheets of counterfeit money are then lightly coated with varnish and then cut individually. The billing security mattress, which can be seen when the original $ 100 bill is pulled to a lamp, put in a fake bill using a needle and glued with the use of a medical spray.

The fake bill then passes the machine with rollers to label it rough texture. Finally, the fake bill is sanded with sandpaper.

To make a batch of $ 300,000 fake notes usually takes about four to five days.

Security officials claim that counterfeiters earn a profit of $ 20,000 for every $ 100,000 in the fake dollar they generate, or 20 cents for every fake dollar made.

(Profit and income from illegal employment).

Only $ 100 fake smuggled into the United States, with $ 10s fake money and $ 20s smuggled into neighboring Argentina and Venezuela. Bills are smuggled in the same way as smuggled cocaine, through the use of fake luggage and even rolled up and swallowed.

Secret Service of the United States states that counterfeit money is easily passed to circulation in retail stores.

 warning: never make fake money if you do not want to get in touch with the law

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