Characteristics of Counterfeit Money

Characteristics of Counterfeit Money.An easy way to understand the counterfeit money circulating in the community. The circulation of counterfeit money in the community is very disturbing and must be stopped immediately. The phenomenon that has occurred since a few years ago this gives a "slap" to the government who feel the failure in ensuring our beloved state of exchange.As a good Indonesian society, we are required to always be vigilant in the face of the issue of circulation of counterfeit money. Do not let us be careless and deceived by the counterfeit money circulating lately. One of the most vigilant attitudes we can take is to know the characteristics of the counterfeit money.

Characteristics of Counterfeit Money

If we can distinguish where the original money and where the fake money, we can be sure we can help the government in combating the circulation of counterfeit money indirectly. If any of us still do not understand how the characteristics of counterfeit money circulating in society, consider some of the characteristics of counterfeit money that will be discussed on this occasion.The latest features of counterfeit money that must be knownIf observed carefully, the circulation of counterfeit money occurs in the sacred moments. Religious big days are usually used by unscrupulous people responsible for launching the action by spreading fake money in the community. They take advantage of these conditions to deceive the inadvertent society in preparing for all the needs during the religious event took place.Characteristics of Newest Counterfeit Money Circulating in SocietySo that we do not belong to the unsuspecting people in the face of the circulation of counterfeit money, it helps us to understand well the characteristics of the counterfeit money. The following are the features of counterfeit money that must be understood by the public:1. Distinctive color difference of moneyTo distinguish between counterfeit and original money, the first step to consider is the color of the money. Counterfeit money itself has the color of dull money. The color of money will easily fade when confused with water. If we find these traits on the money in hand, it can be ascertained if the money is fake money.2. Security threadThe security threads possessed by counterfeit money are just a picture and do not feel embossed. The security thread is even harder to dig with nails. When compared with the original money, the security threads that exist in counterfeit money certainly have a striking comparison.3. Hologram on the moneyThe hologram on the original money is also owned by counterfeit money. What distinguishes it, holograms on counterfeit money can not be seen from all sides. The hologram can only be seen from one side only.4. Texture of moneyThe authenticity of money can also be seen through the texture of the paper. Counterfeit money tends to have a fine paper texture. Paper texture can also be very rough as a result of improper color ink use.5. WatermarkThe water marks on the money can be known by way of dreaming. When we look at counterfeit money, we will not find a watermark in the counterfeit money. The water marks on the original money will be seen very clearly when exposed to light. If you want to see the watermark more clearly, we can use the money detector as a reader. Ultraviolet light generated by the tool is able to distinguish where the original money and the fake.Jelly in distinguishing genuine money with counterfeit moneyThe fraudulent counterfeit money scam always gives the people a genuine interest in distinguishing counterfeit money from the original money. If counted how many victims, of course we can not count it by using fingers and toes. Due to the excessive amount of counterfeit money circulation in society, the government always makes improvements in the country's money-making. This is expected to reduce the amount of counterfeit money circulating in the community.


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