How to make counterfeit money like original

how to make counterfeit money like original

How to make counterfeit money.Now a lot of money circulating counterfeit in the community. This certainly makes a lot of parties who harmed either the state or society.therefore we must be vigilant and able to distinguish between genuine and COUNTERFEIT money.

How do the perpetrators make counterfeit money for the circulation? Are there any special equipment for making counterfeit money that is similar to real money.

 The easiest and easiest steps to do with a fake money maker are to scan a picture of money that is to be faked, this is usually done by those who make counterfeit money with minimal capital and simple equipment.
The tools of counterfeit money maker with minimal capital include, among others,
Computer, Scaner, color printer, screen printing tool.

Computers: standard
Scaner: use scanners that can scan with this high resolution make it easy to edit pictures like broken lines etc.
Printers: Laser jets will produce good results and water resistance - not fade - but the weakness if in contact with oil will be a little bit faded, if the funds owned less use the desk jet printer its weakness will fade in contact with water this thing can be wiped out using the technique of screen printing .

 warning: Do not make counterfeit money ??

how to make counterfeit money 

  The steps as follows;

1.Prepare two pieces of paper money
In the Menu bar choose File -> Acquire Image -> Acquire ...
2.Then will appear Driver default from Scaner as a command to set the object that we Scan
3.After the process is done set the sharp object results that have been scanned if needed, by the way; in the Menu Bar select Effects -> Adjust -> Brightness / Contrast / Intensity ... on the command box set the slider for alignment. So also to adjust color alignment select Color Balance ... and to adjust the brightness select Gamma ...
4.The alignment process is complete and the fake money object is complete, then to make sure that the money is really fake ie type text "SPECIMEN" as a watermark (watermark)5.So the result is like the picture below, and we are sure that this money is really fake which only aim as an example and can not be used as a means of buying and selling transactions.


The above tutorial is the actual theme is to discuss about facilities / menus used for Scaner.If YOU would really make the counterfeit money it might just be in a dream ... hehehe ... because in the original money other than the rough prints of the surface if touched, there is also a watermark that can be seen when viewed, then holographic , ribbons, and phosphor fibers that can be seen only with ultra violet lamps ....



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